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A good luminaire provides the right light and fits aesthetically in the architectural setting. During the years we designed many luminaires, it started in the 80th with domestic lighting, mostly based on halogen light sources. In 2005 we designed the Lightshift for FAGERHULT from Sweden, one of the first "dynamic light" lighting systems, based on T5. The last ten years we designed and developed luminaires together with HALLA from the Czech Republic. The HALLA luminaires are all equipped with LED and are specially designed for LED (no T5 make overs). The first luminaires for HALLA were the UNDA and the MILA, both introduced in 2011. The SANT was introduced in 2014, awarded a “Special Mention” distinction  for design quality by the German Design Council 2015, was shortlisted for the British Lighting Design Awards 2015 and won the prestigious RED DOT award in the same year. In 2016 the TRES was introduced, TRES is a multi functional “up/down” luminaire with a “fresh” look. Further information about the luminaires can be found at In 2018 TRILUX introduced the ARIMO SKY at the Light and Building in Frankfurt.