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Royal Palace Amsterdam Royal Palace Amsterdam
Palace Amsterdam   click for large
Electric light is almost always a later addition to a historic interior.  Originally the rooms were lit up by chandeliers, equipped with candles.  In practice this meant people were living almost in the dark. The light  level in even very rich interiors such as in royal palaces was very low  according to our nowadays standards. In the beginning of last century  many chandeliers were electrified and equipped with incandescent  candle bulbs. This was a quite good solution, these bulbs provided  more light and the quality of the light was perfect. Now we are facing  the ban on these incandescent bulbs. The LED substitutes available on the marked are at the moment (in my opinion) not good enough yet.  More about this subject in the book "electric light in historic interiors". I  wrote this book together with Wout van Bommel and Henk van der  Geest. Modern LED techniques with their small dimensions makes it possible  to introduce "anonymous"  light in a historic setting. You can add light  to a room without adding visible luminaires. The pictures on this page  from the Royal Palace in Amsterdam are an example.  
Electric Light in Historic Buildings